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Thursday, May 01, 2014

"ACP Advisor" - A Free Veteran Focused “Quick Question" Community

ACP AdvisorNet is a nonprofit  venture from American Corporate Partners.
I have enjoyed my participation there, joining volunteers from industry that assist veterans with free advice in making the transition from military service to civilian jobs, small business and career development. 

This is a free online business Q&A  community that connects veterans and their immediate family members with business leaders across the country. 
Through an interactive and easy-to-use interface, veterans can ask questions about career development, employment and small business, follow Q&A threads and message users to network and initiate further dialogue.
Veterans also have the ability to search a directory of Advisor+ participants who have elected to make themselves available for private, in-depth conversation.

The site is open to all current and former service members and their immediate family. Business leaders nationwide looking to share their expertise and advice can sign up as an Advisor or Advisor+ participant.  
 All users are able to see the professional and/or military backgrounds of other users, promoting an environment of accountability and trust.

American Corporate Partners (ACP) AdvisorNet for Veterans 


Mithu Hassan said...

Thanks o share ;-

Paula Teshima said...

Great article!