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Monday, June 01, 2009


"Answers" on "Linked In" recently posted the following question pertaining to getting old. Below is my response:


What is old age to you?

We have heard 40 is the new 30, but yet I think "old" seems to always stay the same distance for me. At 25 I thought 50 was old, at 35 I thought 60 was old, now I have hit 50, 75 is old.I know true age is more a matter of mind, but I would love to know how old you are and at what age you think you will be old.


I took a fall on the ice 2 winters ago in front of the Middle School and 2 dozen 5th graders. The fall didn't hurt nearly as much as the laughter and the subsequent whispers this year, "There goes that old guy again, do you think he might fall?"

I took a nap out in the wildlife refuge last Sunday in a beautiful stand of aromatic pines. When I awoke I found two huge turkey buzzards staring at me intently from their perch nearby. I had known I was getting older but had not realized I had reached the carrion stage.

I reported a pollution spill in the Vermilion River recently and the Minneapolis paper picked up the story. A reader commented on the web site that the Minnesota pollution control program had now been relegated to an "Old Guy" in the vets home (see below link).

I feel fine about getting old. It's how I am perceived by others that bothers me.