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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


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5 Questions for the American Voter

1. How well does the candidate you are considering understand the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) that now consumes 60 cents of every tax dollar you pay?

2. How subject to influence by the MIC Lobby will your candidate will be?

3. Does your candidate have the skills, inclinations and abilities to rebuild the MIC when it derails?

4. Can he or she manage the newer, smaller, leaner and more business-like organization that will have to replace the bloated, misguided enterprise we call the Pentagon and its industrial component today?

5. Will your candidate know when to ask the hard questions, put the brakes on the billions being spent on outmoded weapons and autocracy and know the difference between a real threat by a real enemy and a political show?

The men and women you elect will decide how the new machine will be designed and run. Below is additional information on this vital issue for 2008 and beyond :