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Sunday, February 28, 2010


The American Public fixates on government when things do not happen as planned or when unforeseen circumstances occur that are negative in nature. They ignore the huge government machine that has grown exponentially since World War II and has tremendous momentum among the civil servants, military personnel and corporate entities who run the multiples of components we never hear about (until something negative happens - a security breach, a financial scandal, an oversight malfunction)

We must understand that the sheer size of the mechanism that runs the government will never be seriously evaluated and made more efficient by politicians and the civil servants that run it. It is not in their personal interest to do so and personal interest and personal fortunes are what has driven the popular culture recently - at least up to now.

The big machine must go bankrupt and totally run out of funding and credibility, then be re-sized like any machine that has become dangerous or is malfunctioning.

The decision makers who remain must then pick up the pieces and put in place a government industrial complex we can afford, based on high technology, prudent judgment regarding world interventions and finance.

There will be much pain involved in the process as we shrink by sheer default.

The current recession and creditors who are thinking twice about showing up at government bond auctions are among the world events going on as we speak that will drive the above metamorphosis: