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Monday, April 01, 2013


Comparing US state GDP with countries

This question on Quora attracted our attention.  In response we point out that the US GDP is still the largest in the world. Our high technology cannot be matched. We have enough weapons systems and science to beat all our competitors and solve our problems.

The above graphic and the associated  metrics at "The Economist" linked below leave not doubt with regard to the future potential of the US economy.

We believe Mr. Zakaria's Time Magazine article , "How to Restore the American Dream"  is spot on.  It is an interesting analysis and positive future forecast. The link to the article is below:

Mr. Zakaria addresses how the US is adapting to the "New Normal", which has substantially redefined the American Dream.

When the US ceased being an industrial giant it switched to consumerism and high technology to replace the missing base.

The challenge resulting from that transition has been in leaving the American worker behind and with corporations that are operating globally on a supply and demand basis responding to shifts in demographics, economics and the resulting markets.

In essence the US is climbing on the world economic train as individuals, businesses and as a government and joining those who are on board and leaving the station.

It is requiring a shift in thinking, an emphasis on education, diversity enhancement, strong doses of American ingenuity and hard work.

We are en route to making these adjustments and our position in the global economy will be secured by them.