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Saturday, June 01, 2013

How does one inculcate independence?

"I understand that there is a fine line between when you step in to guide and when you expect/want the mentee to figure it out on their own. How would you slowly push them towards the independent side?"


"Do not work the issue or solve the challenge for them.  Educate and provide a road map so they understand it and evolve the solution  for themselves.

Offer a map with variable shoulders on the road and the flexibility for a  few detours from which recovery can be achieved."


Travelers on the road of knowledge en route to wisdom learn best via a vehicle they  drive themselves.  Not all travel at the same speed or take the same  route to a destination.

Here is a success story that I had the privilege to witness from a company that bridged the gap to which your question refers.  Note the link to the astute article they have shared with the small business community at the link below: