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Monday, June 11, 2007

THE WAR BUSINESS, Squeezing A Profit from the Wreckage in Iraq

Link to Chalmers Johnson's prophetic article in November 2003 Harper's Magazine.

If you are concerned about the Military Industrial Complex and how it controls our government, this is a must read.


Serge said...

Military overspending always destroy great powers. Paul Kennedy 1988 book :"The rise and fall of the great powers" show many examples. It seam that with the war on terror USA is taking the same path and this article show it clearly

Yankee Doodle said...

The Military Industrial Complex...

I saw your comment over at Lukery's blog. Interesting perspective you have, and an accurate one, I think.

brother_unknown said...

Though some would attribute the concept of a MIC to President Eisenhower, surely it dates back to Shaw's "Major Barbara" (recently updated in the film, "The Lords of War," and in Carre's "The Night Clerk").

A big difference of the Iraq from previous wars is the large numbers of unarmored vehicles and defective weapons the Bush administration purchased, paid for, and passed on to our troops.

A second big difference is that while President Lincoln introduced the graduated income tax reasoning that those who gained the most from their country ought pay the most to support it, Bush Lite abolished the graduated income tax reasoning that those who could get away with it should.