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Friday, August 01, 2008

PTSD - A Veteran's Photo/Poetry Journal of Recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Free in Adobe format in the Box Net cube in the right margin of this site.

In 2005 Ken Larson underwent treatment at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota for PTSD, having self-treated the illness since returning from Vietnam in 1968

He chose not to be treated when advances in care became available in the mid 1980's, driven by a need to keep his security clearances in the defense industry. That dilemma is described in his book," Odyssey of Armaments" and is a story for another time.

This journal has been a powerful catalyst in Ken's recovery. It combines thoughts as he worked his way through a traumatic past with favorite photos of nature taken in his odyssey. The resulting marriage of written word and visual expression permitted resolutions to issues that haunted him.

Although the journal is still a work in process, it is published here in the hope it may educate and perhaps assist others like him who have suffered from PTSD to come out of the darkness and into the light.

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Martha said...

Hi Ken. I look forward to reading your book. PTSD is a path of awakening. It takes a lot of courage and stregth to heal. disoluI am an RN, and acupuncturist who has just founded a non-profit in Santa Monica CA to give free acupuncture to vets suffering with "stress". I am not in favor of the "disorder" tag to the diagnosis. Art makes life wonderful. Thanks for sharing!