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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

10 Ways to Avoid the Next World War


Conflicting parties must recognize the following facts:

1. The pace of technology, communication and weapons has now outpaced the necessity for war as a means of advancing progress. The threat is too great for mutually assured destruction.

2. We are on new ground, never experienced before in terms of being "Wired" as a world - economically, socially, environmentally and scientifically

3. Recent events involving US war "Interventions" and the incredibly out of control nature of the Military Industrial Complex have demonstrated their danger, their folly and their contribution to the largest national debt ever to grace the face of the earth.

4. Alternatives to war in terms of scientific advancement not only are required, but are in progress.

5. The war makers are broke and operating on world credit subject to world approval.

6. The environment is screaming for protection and we will get on with it.

7. Conflicting ideas, if managed constructively, can yield a hybrid solution to a challenge that is a better product or service than either side of the initial equation.

8. The key to managing international relations constructively is fostering an environment respectful of all points of view but led by individuals who are driving to fulfilling peaceful, progressive objectives as a first priority and who blend differences of opinion decisively.

9. Winning and losing are being redefined by the above.

10. We can no longer as a world community continue the present course of wars.

 The assumption here is that the reader will be intuitively arrive at the conclusion that war is a waste and avoid it for reasons that are becoming more obvious everyday around the globe and have been addressed in each of the 10 points. 

For those who do not intuitively arrive at this conclusion, war will continue and it will destroy them.

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Mike fx303 said...

The Laws of the US and the Laws of Islam and most countries of the world are "in spirit" the same and when the people of all the areas see this, they will see their Criminal Elements posing as legitimate government are criminals - like the Nazis are not not the German People, but Criminals who passed an illegal law to ignore the ratified Weimar constitution when convenient.

You could bring in Israel, Iran, and ask they audit something in the US and when they both agree, it is precedent for the people of the Middle East to ask for help in removing the Criminal Elements running their countries and if it takes the Israel Army as a police not military action by invitation of the common people to capture and bring to Islam justice those Criminals only. Maybe peace can have a chance.
Terrorism is illegal under Islamic Law, so how can a Muslim be a Terrorist?